Welcome to Shaun & Julia Sailing!


14 thoughts on “Welcome to Shaun & Julia Sailing!

  1. Paul Freeman

    Congratulations on a great first season. So now that the boat is on the hard what are your plans for the fall and winter – more sailing, working? Looking forward to more videos.


    1. shaun.bockmaster@gmail.com Post author

      Thanks Paul!

      I’m Easy will be hauled out on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, so we may be able to squeeze out one last desperation sail! (haha).

      Other than that, we are going to work on repairing any and all parts of the boat that can be removed for the winter (taking apart the manual bilge pump, repairing canvas/cushions/dodger, etc.). We are also hoping to do a charter in the Caribbean (like the one we did in Greece last spring – videos coming soon!)

      Thanks for watching!

  2. NickP

    Shaun/Julia, I just ran across your videos while doing some ‘arm chair sailing’ on youtube. I follow many of you (LaVagabonde, Delos, Resolute, Uma….), but it is nice to see someone starting closer to home. I live in MN, but once kept a Bayfield 29 in the Wisconsin Apostle Islands. I had purchased that boat in Virginia and it was trucked to Lake Huron where I sailed it thru the lakes to its new home port. I look forward to more videos from you as your journey continues. I’m sure your B23/25 will serve you well. They are great little boats, maybe not perfect for crossing oceans….. but a great way to get out there. Fair winds!

  3. Tim dalrymple

    We just recently moved from power to sail. Love it. My.partner rich and I discovered a 27 ft.bayliner bucaneer. I know I know..lol. it’s easy to sail and we love it. Our port is in.lake.michigan…saugatuck.to be exact…love the videos.We ‘ll keep watching..

  4. Scott Harrell

    Hi Shaun and Julia,

    I am totally enjoying your channel, especially because you are on a smaller, yet very capable boat. Also, I think your channel will end up doing very, very well..your personalities and chemistry as a couple translate well to this side of the screen.

    I am about to buy my first sailboat and it will be along the same lines as yours. A Bayfield 25 is already on my list, or maybe a Cape Dory 25D, Flicka 20?…anyhoo, so what I think would be interesting to your viewers, is that ya’ll have a unique perspective on actually living on and sailing a “pocket yacht” and maybe you could delve into the finer points of this? For instance…
    What do you like and what would you change about the boat?
    Pluses and minuses of sailing/living on a small boat?
    Essential and non-essential gear?

    You get the idea…take care and I will definitely be watching,


    1. shaun.bockmaster@gmail.com Post author

      Hi Scott! Thanks for the nice comment!! We will definitely take your suggestions into consideration for future videos.

      Those all sound like solid pocket cruisers. Another one I would check out is the Grampian 26. This was the other boat that made the top of our list alongside the Bayfield.

      Cheers! Thanks for watching!

      – S&J

  5. dennis colenutt

    i also have a bayfield 23/25 vire engine and easy to rig we have to take the mast up and down every time we go out but this summer we got it to perfection and can do it on the fly .and we now just run right up on a beach with it and to leave just throw it in reverse and a way you go .had to make a bow extension and roller to catch the mast as we drop it forward so all we remove is the back stay. had it out in some very bad weather and it took it very well the more we use it the more confident e are in its seawhorthyness would be something to get a bunch of 23 s together

    1. shaun.bockmaster@gmail.com Post author

      Hi Dennis! That is awesome! sounds like you guys are quite the adventurous sailors!! Where do you sail?

  6. Walker Lewis

    Hi Julia and Shaun.

    I’ve been binging Season One and now Two (up to 218 now) for a couple of days. I’m enjoying it immensely and appreciating the maintenance how-to’s (I have a Cape Dory 27 on Long Island Sound and there’s a Bayfield 25 on the mooring next to me). I especially enjoyed the trip on the Erie Canal (ok, I skipped forward for that), as I grew up fishing at Lock 20 in Utica.

    All the best, and keep on sailing!

    Walker Lewis

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