The Idea of Sailing (A Notion of Sailing Ep. 3)

Pre-order the book that compliments the videos! A deeper look into the philosophical and psychological aspects of such a life change! A compendium of the events and inspirations that lead up to sv I'm Easy. Shaun leaves his desk life behind and sets off on a voyage to find a more meaningful existence on the ocean.

2 thoughts on “The Idea of Sailing (A Notion of Sailing Ep. 3)

  1. Michel Boudreault from Palatine Hills Estate Winery

    Hey Sean and Julia

    This Michel from Palatine Hills estate winery I just watch you last youtube and I am curious, did you bought the Tartan? My new email address to reach me is we are preparing our C&C 40 1984 for sailing around the world starting next year. New electricity, new navigation instruments etc…it will be nice to connect if you bought the Tartan did you leave it in NOTL We are in Port Colborne nice Marina and not expensive like all the other one. Anyway we should keep in touch


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