_DSC0026 2We are Shaun and Julia, a Canadian couple with a dream of sailing the world and making documentaries of the cruising lifestyle for your enjoyment! It was just in June of 2012 that we discovered the sailing/cruising lifestyle and immediately dove right in as we knew it was the life for us. We have always desired freedom, self-dependence, and off-the-grid living enriched with travel and adventure. Although some would disagree, we think that with proper training, preparation, and planning, sailing can be your most effective method of travel experience per dollar. If travelling is what you truly enjoy, why make a vacation out of it when you can make a life of it?

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We took the first big step towards our dream in 2014 by purchasing a 1976 Bayfield 25 sailboat named I'm Easy (currently in Lake Huron, Ontario) and will be spending the next few years fixing and re-fitting it as we sail through the Great Lakes, down the New York and Intracoastal Canal Systems and all the way to the Caribbean! We would love for you to follow us on our journeys!