232: Bringing out the big guns!!

Shaun and Julia take a look at another potential sailboat for their liveaboard sailing dream: a Bayfield 36 Cutter!

2 thoughts on “232: Bringing out the big guns!!

  1. Douglas Sullivan

    You two are a fantastic young couple and I truly wish you the best of luck in all that you do. I have drawn much inspiration from a few sailing channels one of which is yours ( obviously!) The other two (yes just three I feel are worth watching) are gone with the Wynn’s and sailing la vagabond. You have wonderful content and its just a joy to watch the interaction between the two of you! Fair wind and following sea’s!

  2. Doug Jones

    I have been watching your boat search with some interest. One word of caution no matter what the boat looks like or what the owner says an up to date survey is an absolute necsity.the boat I would most worry about is the bayfield

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